This week Amuzo’s Danny Duke had the chance to formally introduce the Amuzo brand to Bournemouth based digital agency Redweb, as well as himself to the games industry, this time as Account Director and not 3D artist.

Danny’s transition from model making student to current role of Amuzo’s Account Director has been a diverse and interesting one, so it’s no wonder he grabbed the opportunity to explain his occupational journey to 40+ Redweb staff last Friday.

During what was described as an ‘epic’ presentation, Danny took the audience through the reasoning and transition behind the rebrand from 4T2 to Amuzo plus gave the crowd an insight into Amuzo’s blueprint of games design, at the same time as seeing how often he could mention Star Wars.

In Danny’s own words, he decided one day that ‘working in retail really wasn’t for him’ and in actual fact he ‘really wants to do something cool, like work on Star Wars.’ And that’s exactly what he did.

After graduating with a degree in Modelmaking from the Arts Institute in Bournemouth and completing an MA in 3D Digital Animation at the NCCA, Danny was recruited by games industry veterans, Free Radical, straight from University.

Here he had his first taste of Star Wars related work designing his own spaceship, which is actually top secret and off limits to the public (making it that little bit more exciting).

As well as working as an environment, vehicle and prop artist across a range of genres, Danny has also appeared as a dead body in his own level in Dead Space and been Lycra clad in the Vancouver Olympics game.

Now Amuzo are lucky enough to have him on board. After playing a key part in the creation of Amuzo titles such as LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles and LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack we are excited to see what he brings to the team as Account Director.

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