Last week we rounded up a herd of Southampton Solent and Bournemouth University students and challenged them to break Cows vs Sheep in preparation for the upcoming launch of the game.

We held a three hour QA testing session at Amuzo HQ with the aim to uncover any possible bugs in the game as well as identify where any improvements can be made.

Our cow army recruits were split into two teams, recorders and non-recorders. Recorders were responsible for tracking their own progress throughout the levels noting down how well they did, what in-game items they used and whether they spotted anything out of the ordinary.

Non-recorders played the game without having to take note of their actions so we could observe how they naturally played the game, what they instinctively wanted to do and where they came into difficulty.

We challenged both groups to see how far they could make it through the 21 levels and after three hours and over 100 levels worth of recorded data later, two players managed to make it all the way to the final level!

As a result we found the strongest elements of the game were the graphics and the audio as well as the comedy element of the game and of course the destruction! Thanks to the testing session we were able to identify that the difficulty of levels six and nine were too hard and needed to be better balanced.

So thanks and a big (cow) pat on the back to everyone who made it down to the testing afternoon. We were absolutely over the mooon with the feedback.

Cow related prizes were up for grabs throughout the afternoon so steaks were high! Here are the mooovers and shakers:

*Sorry (not sorry) about the amount of cow puns in this post

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