Around 100 agencies visited 100 schools across the UK for BIMA‘s Digital Day last Thursday, to introduce pupils to the possibility of embarking on a career in digital.

Amuzo’s Lead Game Designer, Dan Mascall, and Executive Producer, Lukasz Gniwecki, headed to the Bournemouth all-girls school, Avonbourne College to share the wide range of opportunities the digital industry has to offer.

Around 4,000 students nationwide took part in D-Day, an initiative set up by the British Interactive Media Association following an O2-commissioned report released earlier this month indicating Britain needs to create and fill 750,000 new digital jobs to keep pace with the global digital economy.

As part of D-Day, students had to come up with digitally focused ideas based around one of the following four challenges:

  • Design something digital that will benefit the local community.
  • Design a mobile app of the future.
  • Design a social media campaign for a new fashion store.
  • Build an online learning tool.

With no constraints on whether ideas were feasible or not, the emphasis of the day was on creativity, project management and problem solving.

Lukasz talking to pupils about brainstorming techniques and how we come up with game ideas at Amuzo

Lukasz said, “It was such a successful day and I’m so pleased I was able to be a part of it. All of the teams came up with a number of exciting ideas, plus the really great thing was, they were thinking outside the box and also considering how their ideas could solve daily problems or improve day-to-day life.”

One idea consisted of a 3D web browser that would allow you to project 3D images from a screen into the room in which you were standing. For example, when purchasing furniture online you would be able to project a hologram of a chair or wardrobe etc. into your room to envisage how it would look.

Another imaginative creation that emerged as part of the ‘Design a mobile app of the future’ challenge was an app entitled ‘Flash’. This app would allow you to use your camera phone to take a photo of a piece of clothing and ‘Flash’ would then tell you all the important details you’d want to know about the item such as the brand, the price and the nearest shop to buy it from.

The very best projects created on D-Day will be submitted to a specially created award panel, with the winner in each category carrying off a BIMA D-Day Award.  The overall winner will be selected to receive the sought after Grand Prix award, won last year by pupils from Dr Challoner’s Grammar School in Buckinghamshire for their website and app idea, Yappy Dog.

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