We may have been quiet on the Project Greener Grass front recently, but behind the scenes we’ve been busy putting the funding awarded to us by Creative England to very good use.

Now, we don’t want to give too much away but at the same time we’re itching to show off a little bit of what we’ve been working on in recent weeks. So take a look, here’s a sneak peek of the latest in-game environment artwork.

As promised, the first scenes are quintessentially English, after all what is a quaint British village without a local pub, village church and neighbourhood milk float?

But whilst all seems quiet and serene, don’t let this fool you. These images are simply the setting in which mayhem will ensue. Soon cosmic cows will be crashing their way through the seemingly sleepy village causing chaos in their fight against their sheep enemies.

As the warring animals battle over their main source of power and energy, grass, it will be your responsibility to hop aboard a mower and collect as much grass as you can in the time limit. Bash through obstacles and collect as many achievements as you can before your mower explodes.

Amuzo’s first self-owned title, Project Greener Grass, will be heading to all the major app stores towards the end of this year. Be on the look out for more game reveals and updates very soon.

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