Amuzo Games proudly announce that the full monetised version of our LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack game is now available to download. YEAH! We’re pretty excited!!

To help welcome in the New Year and to coincide with January’s official launch of the LEGO® Hero Factory website, we released the City Streets level of LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack for FREE. Since then, the game has smashed through the ONE MILLION downloads mark and was chosen as one of The Guardian Apps Blog best iPhone apps of the month.

Now, the whole world can experience the heroic, frenetic, 3D action as the full monetised version is available to download NOW from the Apple App Store (15th March) and the Google Play Store (18th March).

Makuhero City is under attack and only you can save the day! Players must defend a number of previously unseen areas of the city including the neon-lit shopping mall, a gloomy scrapyard and the city’s futuristic space port locations. Easier said than done when wave upon wave of scuttling evil brains, hordes of henchmen and transformed mega-villains are attacking from every angle. Good job there are plenty of experienced sidekicks ready for duty and waiting to help out including the Hero Factory’s biggest stars: Bulk, Breez, Rock and Furno.

To celebrate the full monetised launch, Amuzo Games are thrilled to offer not only the original City Streets level but also the Shopping Mall level completely FREE! Players can keep using Game Points to customise their heroes by upgrading their weaponry and armour to the latest Hero technology the Assembly Tower has on offer including blasters, swords, axes and mech-bows. Game Points are earned in game but can also be unlocked using unique codes on the physical LEGO® Hero Factory products. There are also in-game achievements to unlock; awarded for amazing feats of gaming skill like collecting pick-ups or defeating over 1000 brains!

Working closely with The LEGO® Group, Amuzo Games are also proud to be leading by example with our In-App Purchases. Great care has been taken to set responsible IAPs that will provide new content for those that would like it yet not diminish the quality of experience for everyone who plays.

Managing Director John White said: “The team has worked very hard on this latest release of the game. I hope that players everywhere are as excited as we are by the new levels, the great weapons and armour packs. We’ve already begun work on the next set of content and features, so stand by for more updates throughout 2013.”

Amuzo Games want to ensure that parents feel confident in letting their children play our games on their devices and are committed to continually investing in this action packed, 3D graphic, Gangnam dancing, brain blasting title.

So suit up Heroes and report for duty immediately as LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack is bigger and better than ever before!

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