Today, we are proud to announce that our latest title, LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion From Below, will launch on iOS, Android and Windows 8, as well as web platforms, in Europe early 2014.

Work on a construction site within the heart of Antropolis City has come to an abrupt halt as a deadly new threat has been uncovered.

To save the city from swarms of menacing minions and their five evil boss beasts, the champions of the Hero Factory must create new powerful Battle Machines to once again save the galaxy.

Their quest will take them through Antropolis city and down to an underground world of crystal caves, acid pits and magnetic chambers.

Players must dodge, jump, squish and blast scuttling enemies whilst collecting vital components in order to build one of nine mighty Battle Machines. Leaping into the cockpit, as Hero and Machine become one, players must then stomp, swipe, smash and blast their way to victory.

Also included within the game is 22 minutes of video content; play a new level in the game to reveal the next part of the Invasion From Below story. Keep your eyes peeled for the official game trailer, coming soon!

Can Rocka, Furno, Evo, Bulk, Breez, Surge and Stormer once again save the day or have the Heroes met their match?

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