The UK games industry is currently reflecting on last week’s announcement that the Office of Fair Trading will be investigating In App Purchases in games aimed at children. The move has no doubt been sparked by a number of high profile news stories where children have charged large amounts to their parents credit cards.

Since early 2011, in app purchases have been the dominant way to fund games on the Apple App store. At the same time, tablets and mobile phones have become hugely popular gaming devices for children. So how should developers strike an ethical balance between funding our work and ensuring that parents and children are not being misled by the apps they are installing and prompts to purchase?

Mike has just shared his views on this controversial subject at the games industry’s F2P Summit in London. Hot of the press, Develop Magazine has a summary of his speech. Let’s hope his call for co-ordinated industry action is taken forward and we can collectively devise best practice in this area.

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