Providing on-demand access to an engaging, flexible and social vault of content.

The Amuzo Knowledge Bank App allows you to deliver your business internal communications and learning reinforcement within one focused, secure and fully branded app. Display videos, company messaging, news, images, polls, flashcards and competitions to engage your employees.
Deliver Just-in-Time Learning

From induction to point of sale, your App houses a wealth of expert knowledge available on-demand. Catering to a range of learning style; the App allows you to support employees with short videos and photos for visual learners, podcasts for auditory learners and digital flashcards or diagrams for read-write learners.

Offline viewing and 24/7 access to important content

Employees can either stream or download relevant content for access at anytime. In the moment on need your employees are always support with the tools they need to succeed.

Gather valuable insight

Analytics allow you to track what content is proving useful. Poll your company on what content they’d like to see added. Run competitions with your teams so they can suggest improvements to products or processes. Listen to your team on the frontline and rapidly deliver on their requirements.

Expand your network of knowledge

The App supports user generated content so that the thought-leaders and mentors within your organisation can share their expert knowledge across the business. Using the built-in social functions employees can ask questions directly through the App to further their knowledge and understanding.

Continuous feedback and praise

Employees collect achievement badges by engaging with your content, added to your Knowledge Bank or by providing feedback on the topics that are important to the business. As staff ‘level-up’ you can reward them with online or offline prizes.

Control access

Utilise the web based content management system (CMS) to easily manage all of your resources. Create learning pathways by create on-ward journeys or let staff personalised their learning and freely explore the app; ensuring the delivery of appropriate and relevant content for each individual in the business.

Place your brand at the heart of customer’s devices

Your Knowledge Bank App will be branded in line with your company requirements featuring your logo, colour scheme and branding; driven by a custom CMS that you control.

Multimedia led, compelling content

Video is now well established as the most powerful, universal and widely distributed media type; whether it’s your show reels, company communications, latest TV ad or promotional videos, the Knowledge Bank app places your content in the hands of your audience in the most engaging way possible.

Powerful search tools

No time to browse? The App has been designed with short mobile moments in mind so your audience are able to use a variety of search functions to find the content they want quickly and easily.

Powerful insights and analytics

In built analytics provide you with powerful insights into how your audience are interacting with content and helps you identify what content truly engages your audience.

Gamification to encourage extensive usage and brand loyalty

Your audience will level up and earn achievements by regularly using and contributing to your brand. Further increase engagement by adding exclusive content that is only accessible to your most loyal and active customers.

Offline viewing and 24/7 access to your content

No internet connection? No problem; you can simply download key content for access at anytime.

This vault of learning content is built around engaging interactive multimedia including:

  • How-to videos, product overview videos and expert interviews that help bring the world of eLearning to life
  • Photo galleries that showcase Unicorn Training’s latest learning solutions
  • Competitions and polls that allow the audience to interact with the brand and provide valuable insight
  • Achievements and badges that can be collected as users interact with content to encourage extensive usage
  • User cans favourite and download specific content for quick access, anywhere, anytime

The Swipe TV App places the control in your hands

You can like, vote and comment on your favourite finds. And whatever it is you like, we’ll bring more of that to your screens.

Get involved in the drama with Spooky Stakeout, watch DIY pop videos with Pop Up Popstar, test your quiz knowledge with The Billy Skid Show plus back-to-back How To videos and tonnes more. Scroll through hilarious photo galleries, check out great new cartoons and watch more comedy sketches than you can shake a cat at.

In short, we’ve created an amazing digital space just for you with no ads and no in-app purchases.

Where do you turn to when you need support?

Whether it be before that important client meeting or during a complex negotiation; the Hiscox Pocket Coach is there to help.

• Bite size flashcards and diagrams that can be accessed anywhere anytime on a mobile device
• Keeping the team informed about the latest sales strategies
• Enhancing training with interactive clickable content
• Unique learning journeys to cater for the various needs across the team
• Employees can ask questions using the built-in comments functionality to further their understanding

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