Amuzo learning games create digital experiences that are not only visually stunning but also motivate and challenge the user.

We deliver interactive games that provide on-demand learning reinforcement and support your staff to help them achieve their goals.

We have utilised our partner Unicorn Training’s vast experience in learning solutions, together with Amuzo’s years of understanding of gamification, to deliver vastly impactful learning outcomes.


Encourage your staff to reengage with learning resources using rewards and healthy competition. We will work with you to understand what you want your team to know, what makes them tick and how to really motivate them.

Designed for a Mobile Moment

Company smartphones and BYOD in the workplace are on the rise, so it is important to consider where and how your team interact with content. Increasing employees are turning to smart devices for support in their moments of need, which is why we take a mobile first approach to our learning games and apps.

Reinforcing Key Learning Objectives

Our mobile games are designed to be used as part of a blended learning solution. We focus on delivering learning games that can be played on-demand in a short period of time to reinforce core messages.


Our learning games and apps can be integrated with any third party Learning Management System (LMS) to provide detailed tracking to measure the business impact.

Secure Content Delivery

Our learning games and apps can be delivered securely via either your existing Enterprise Mobile Management system or through secure internal distribution channels using unique codes. Additional security in the form of logins and controlled access can be implement where required.

You control the content

Once your game or learning app is built it is important that it is kept up-to-date with your latest content. Using our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) we empower you with all the knowledge and tools so that you can manage all the content within the game yourselves (of course we will be there to support you if required).

We have produced learning games ranging from digital board games to fully interactive experiences covering compliance training, leadership skills, sale training, product training, pensions, knowledge sharing, on-boarding and recruitment.

Designed to be played in a mobile moment, users take part in short 90 second quizzes in which they have to guess whether the displayed ‘facts’ are true or false.

  • Designed with mobile in-mind; users simply swipe left or right to answer questions
  • Gain extra points for consecutive correct answers to reward knowledgeable users
  • Advanced gamification encourages staff to reengage with the quiz to unlock unique achievements
  • Avatars challenge you of senior staff asking just “How Orange are you?”

So think you are an Avanade expert? Put your knowledge to the test. Go on we challenge you!

KPMG want to educate and encourage young people to invest in a pension.

Grow your nest egg by firing Clive out of a cannon and help him fly around the city collecting points. If you want to be a smart investor in your own future, then you need to target buildings that cater for young people (20-30 year olds) to get additional points.

  • Learning nuggets between plays inform the player about the benefits investing in a pension early using the latest industry facts and figures
  • Incentivise players to increase their knowledge and understanding of pensions by giving then extra lives when they watch an informative video or take part in a pensions related quiz
  • Encourage reengagement using competitive leaderboards, allowing players to try repeatedly to improve their scores and unconsciously improve their knowledge about pensions

When the fun is over direct calls-to-action encourage the user to find out more, taking the player to KPMG Pilot, where they can find expert advice on pension strategy and technology.

Choose from five different scenarios set across the globe

  • What happened next? Combine logic, knowledge, strategy and cunning to predict the future
  • Rise from risk novice to champion by unlocking 12 unique achievements as you play
  • Sign in with Facebook to compete with friends and challenge them up the high score leader board
  • Unearth astonishing facts about the world’s banks, stock markets, insurance claims and more!

Bad at Maths, bottom of the class in Science, hate French? Who cares! If you have an eye for predicting events, putting a puzzle together, the sector wants YOU. It’s common sense!

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