Projects are picking up pace at Amuzo, so much so our current game designers’ fingers are at risk of dropping off due to Game Design Document overload. So, to ensure their brains continue to differentiate reality from the gaming world we’ve decided it’s time to bring another game designer on board.

Everyone, say hello to our latest Amuzoid, Miles.

Originally from Wrexham in Wales, Miles joins Team Amuzo from Isle of Wight game studio Stainless Games, known best for the creation of the multimillion-selling Carmageddon franchise. Whilst at Stainless Miles worked on Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers, Magic Origins as well as working with friends in his spare time on indie project, Infans Solaris.

With three years of industry experience under his belt as well as a degree in Game Design from UCLAN we’re really excited to welcome Miles as part of the team. And luckily it seems he feels the same way! Miles said, “I’m looking forward to working as a part of the team at Amuzo! Everyone’s really friendly, talented and motivated. I’m already sure that working here is going to be awesome!” (Brilliant judge of character(s) we say!)

Now, that’s the business bit over, here’s where you get a real insight into Miles’ character . . .

Admitting that this opinion probably changes on a daily basis, on the day we caught him, his favourite games were Dwarf Fortress, the Failbetter Games Kickstarter success Sunless Sea and Japanese fighting game series BlazBlue. Miles is also a self-proclaimed metal head who, if you listen in closely to his headphones, can often be heard listening to Strapping Young Lad.

So, welcome Miles – our third game designer but more importantly eighth beard!

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