Amuzo attended this year’s Mobile World Congress along with a record breaking 85,000 other attendees from across 201 countries. We went to the world’s largest industry exhibition, held at Barcelona’s Fira Gran Via, to discover what should be on our mobile gaming radar in 2014.

Aside from the array of connected cars, phablets and affordable smartphones, the overwhelming theme of this years Mobile World Congress was unarguably wearable technology, from the business focused Sony SmartWatch 2 to the Samsung Gear Fit designed to measure an individual’s health and fitness.

But these devices simply scratched the surface of what was on display across the the 98,000 square metres of exhibition space at MWC 2014.

When it came to mobile gaming, Samsung stood out as clear leaders in products to shout about. Amuzo were lucky enough to attend the Samsung Developer Day at MWC and first up was the S Console demonstration.

A demonstration of the S Console and GamePad at the Samsung Developer Day 2014

S Console is a launcher app for mobile games compatible with the Samsung Gamepad. It enables you to launch and play console-quality games in your living room, from your controller, without needing dedicated gaming hardware.

Using the Gamepad to then control games such as sports, action, and racing titles allows a player to overcome limitations sometimes encountered in touch-based mobile games.

Ouya and Gamestick, along with other micro-consoles, have also ventured down the path of accessories that integrate a user’s smart television with smartphones but so far nothing has quite got off the ground but perhaps Samsung will be the ones to change this.

Plus, using the Samsung Gamepad as a standalone controller isn’t its sole purpose. It’s also possible to use it as a portable gaming device by simply attaching a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to the top of the handheld controller.

A Samsung Gamepad on display at MWC 2014

Samsung’s Group Play feature also deserves a mention. A content sharing service which allows users to share games and apps for real-time group play across multiple devices, as well as share videos, music, photos and drawings in real-time.

What was very noticeable was the vast amount of gadgets and devices on display at Mobile World Congress which offered Bluetooth functionality.

Last but not least, Amuzo even made a sneaky appearance in the SONY exhibition area. LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack was featured in the ‘What’s New’ section on the homescreen of the brand new Xperia Z2 tablet, voted by attendees as better than the iPad Air.

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack featured on the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet at MWC

Next year’s Mobile World Congress will be held 2nd – 5th March 2015 at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona.

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