Behind the scenes here at Amuzo our own IP has been evolving. It’s time to lose the codename Project Greener Grass and introduce the world to Cows vs Sheep!

Thanks to funding from Creative England we’ve been lucky enough to work closely with animation studio Freakish Kid to create characters, plot storylines and come up with an overall style of the game.

I hope you’re ready as we’re about to let you in on a little secret . . .

What you didn’t know until now is that cows come from outer space. They in fact live on the moooon. However, armies of cows have inhabited planet Earth disguised as harmless creatures that roam fields and chew grass all day. But unbeknownst to humans, when their backs are turned, the cosmic cows are causing chaos in back gardens all over Britain.

For these intergalactic animals, grass is their main source of power and energy. Under instruction from their overlord, Dark Udder, they have planted themselves on Earth to steal as much of it from their sheep rivals as possible leaving destruction in their wake.

The cow army will soon be enlisting so watch this space!

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