The Heroes of Makuhero City are calling for new volunteers to help to defend their city still under threat from the evil Hero Factory brains!

So far The Heroes have recruited defenders from iOS, Android and Windows 8 but now they are calling upon the help of their NOOK allies.

Barnes & Noble’s NOOK tablets are the latest platform to become home to LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack.

The app is free to download on NOOK HD/HD+, NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color with the opportunity to upgrade and unlock access to even more challenging levels.

Unleash hoards more evil brains to battle, discover new customisable heroes with incredible weapons and armour plus earn extra game points to upgrade your firepower and defences.

Now is your chance to join The Heroes to help to protect Makuhero city! Download LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack for NOOK HD/HD+, NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color here.

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