Imagine you’ve just walked through the door of an insurance company, or entered the office of an accountancy firm. What words pop into your head to describe the environment you’ve just pictured?

I’m going to guess fun, inviting, interesting or exciting don’t feature on your list. In fact, you’re probably picturing pretty much the opposite of the image above.

That’s why Amuzo’s latest mission is to inject some fun into the corporate world in order to inspire, engage and help staff grow. Now, before you get the wrong idea, we’re not thinking fun in the ‘fireman-pole-down-the-middle-of-the-office’ kind of way, but something a bit more subtle.

Staff training is a key part of ensuring a company runs as smoothly as possible; confident, knowledgeable staff contribute to a much more efficient work environment. So, along with our partners and experts in eLearning Unicorn Training, we want to demonstrate exactly how learning through gameplay can increase the effectiveness and productivity of a workforce.

We believe fun should well and truly be part of every working person’s day in some form or another; studies have shown that the happier we are the more productive we will be. Not only that, but positive experiences have a bigger impact on memory and therefore knowledge retention.

Obviously, we’re not saying let your staff play video games all day long and you’ll magically get a lot more work done. However, as an approach to staff training, the gamification of learning materials can lead to a more proficient workplace. An Aberdeen Group research study confirmed that organisations that chose to embrace gamification improved engagement by 48% and even saw revenue turnover of up to 36%.

Games have the ability to turn typically ‘dry’ subjects into something a whole lot more interesting. They engage a person on a much larger scale by evoking a sense of passion, enthusiasm and dedication. Through recognisable game mechanics such as level completion, point systems and rewards a person’s progress is clearly illustrated and accurately measured. This ability to easily track achievements and growth of knowledge helps to instil a sense of accomplishment in the learner as well as encourage them to continue improving.

Find out more about our Play to Learn project here.

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