Brand Games & Gamification Apps

Amuzo create chart topping branded games and gamification apps for global brands. With over two billion plays to date, if you’ve got a message or product to promote, we can entertain and educate your target audience, no matter where their geographical location.

Since 1998 we’ve worked with global car, toy, drink, software, pharmaceutical, TV, film and music brands. We’ve even created a game for SPAM!

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest licences on these projects include Star Wars™, Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, McLaren, Porsche, Ferrari and James Bond.

With a production team lead by Adrian Smith, the former Executive Producer for Tomb Raider 1-6, you can rest assured your project is in safe hands.

Learning Games

Power up your employees with highly engaging e-learning apps covering anything from compliance training to product awareness. Our learning games achieve a wide range of diverse business goals for global and national brands.

Developed by the same award-winning team Amuzo use to create our chart-topping marketing games, we can guarantee your app will capture the attention of any audience and keep them coming back for more.

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Communication Apps

The Knowledge Bank allows you to deliver video based training, company messaging, photos, podcasts, polls, quizzes, competitions, news and social feeds – instantly accessible in one focused, secure and fully branded App.

Accessible on a device that your team already own and carry in their pockets – their mobile phone or tablet.

Amuzo also offer a browser based solution for delivering bespoke training courses.

To find out more about our Knowledge Bank App click here

Click here to find out more about our Knowledge Bank App.


One afternoon a week, Amuzo staff experiment with their own projects. We also work with numerous platforms including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, to take our titles where no game has gone before.

Considering this is the team that brought you the mower mayhem of Cows Vs Sheep, there’s no telling of what kind of new game creations could be around the corner!

Various projects in this area have been partly funded by Creative England and Innovate UK, for which they have our thanks.

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