As announced at the TIGA 2015 Smartphone and Tablet Conference in Soho, London today by Amuzo Founder and MD Mike Hawkyard, cosmic cows will invade millions of mobile devices across the planet as of Q4 2015. Amuzo is set to unleash their own new IP, Cows Vs Sheep: Mower Mayhem, with the help of the Dutch publishing giants, Spil Games.

Casual game studio Amuzo, best known for their extensive catalogue of LEGO mobile games, has signed a partnership deal with game publishing experts Spil Games. Spil reach more than 100 million players every month across their web and mobile portals.

“We’re over the moooon (pun totally intended) that Spil Games has chosen to publish Cows Vs Sheep. We’re really looking forward to getting the game in front of millions of people globally, players we would wouldn’t have necessarily been able to reach on our own,” Amuzo’s Mike Hawkyard said. “The experience Spil has when it comes to publishing, marketing and monetisation will be totally invaluable to us. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together!”

Cows Vs Sheep: Mower Mayhem is a crazy, all-action arcade game that puts you in control of intergalactic cow-driven lawnmower where the mission is to steal as much grass from Earth as possible, causing chaos, mowhem and destruction along the way.

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