As the upcoming Cato and Macro mobile game nears its final stages of development, now’s a good time to acknowledge some of those who helped get the ball rolling in the first place.

Specialists in historical mini figures, Warlord Games, played a huge part in the transition from an initial idea on paper to the final stages the game is currently approaching.

Tim Harris from Warlord Games said, ‘Our industry is generally considered to be a bit nerdy so it’s great to be involved in a project where we were creating figures to inspire a mobile game. We’re so pleased historical miniatures are becoming more and more popular; when opportunities like this arise we are more than happy to help!’

The Nottingham based company were kind enough to send a box of Cato and Macro figures, delicately hand painted at short notice, in order for us to envisage how the characters would look when brought to life.

Amuzo’s Account Director Danny Duke said, ‘It helped illustrate the game design from a very early stage and provided something tangible that both Simon and Headline could understand in ‘real world’ terms. Simon was so impressed he kept them all! I can’t thank Warlord enough for their help and support.’

Cato and Macro, the mobile game will be available on the App Store and Google Play towards the end of the year. Be prepared for your strategy skills to be challenged; build barracks, train troops and enter bloody battles against barbaric enemies!

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