We’ve found our latest reason to celebrate here at Amuzo Games HQ; LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack has hit the one million play session checkpoint for Windows 8!

Now although LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack is an awesome game (if we do say so ourselves) we think there might be a couple of other things that have contributed to the success of the game so far.

Firstly, the game is entirely free from the Windows 8 Store and you don’t get much more of a bargain than that. Secondly, the game has recently been lucky enough to be sat in the Windows 8 Store primary promo slots in both the UK and the US. Twice the reason to celebrate!

And last but not least, without the help of the wonderful people at Microsoft the launch of LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack on Windows 8 could not have been such a resounding success.

We are also extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be included in Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 presentation at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2013 in San Francisco. Long may the Microsoft-Amuzo relationship continue.

Plus, did I mention the game is completely FREE? So what are you waiting for, head over to the Windows 8 Store now and let’s get doubling those play sessions.

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